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Computer Extremely Slow And Crashing

Computer Freezing And Lagging.

Computer Freezing And Moving Slow

Computer Freezing And Acting Sickly

Computer Froze Up Now Runs Very Slow

Computer Freezes Too Fast For Diagnostics

Computer Frequently Hangs/crashes/slow

Computer Freezes Slowly

Computer Hangs In XP Running Certain Apps

Computer Freezes Whenever Loading Big Or Multiple Applications.

Computer Freezing Then Painfully Slow

Computer Is Running Abnormally Slow And Acting Weird

Computer Is Slow And Freezing Alot

Computer Is Running Very Slow And Freezing Up

Computer Is Slow And Loud

Computer Is Extremely Slow And Crashes A Lot

Computer Is Very Slow And Freezes

Computer Is Very Slow And Freezes Up!

Computer Is Super Slow And Has Trouble Starting Up Sometimes.

Computer Is Slow And Freezes

Computer Is Very Slow And Freezes At Start Up. Virus?

Computer Lagging/temp. Freezing

Computer Noob Having Big Trouble.soooo Slow And Sluggish.Program Freezes

Computer Running Really Slow And Freezing

Computer Running Really Slow And Hanging

Computer Running Slow And Fan Running Loud

Computer Running Slow And Freezing Up.

Computer Runs Slow Then Freezes

Computer Running Very Slow And Freeze

Computer Runs Too Slow And Locking Up.

Computer Running Very Slow And Ocassional Freezes

Computer Running Very Slow And Shutting Down Periodically

Computer Runs Very Slowly And Randomly Freezes.

Computer Slow And Constant Freezing

Computer Slow And Freezing

Computer Slowing And Freezing Randomly

Computer Slow Down Or Freeze

Computer Runs Slow And Freezes! HELP!

Computer Slow And Stalling

Computer Slow And Freezing.

Computer Slowing Down And Freezing

Computer Runs Slowly & Hourglass Icon Appears Frequently! PLEASE HELP!

Computer Slowing Down And Hanging

Computer Slow And Hanging Up.

Computer Stalling And Slow

Computer Slow And Keeps Freezing - Virus?

Computer Sluggish/viruses After DSL Installations.

Computer Stalls And Is Slow

Computer Slow And Hanging Up

Computer Runs Slow And Constanly Freezes

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