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Computer Freezes If I Don't Do Something Graphics Intensive After Turning My Computer

Computer Estarts Itself When Launching A Game

Computer Freezes Or Reboots During Game Play. Why?

Computer Freezes Up While Playing Games.

Computer Freezes/Locks Up Randomly When Watching Videos Or Playing Games

Computer Freezes While Playing Games

Computer Game Shuts Itself Off

Computer Dies Randomly In Games

Computer Freezing While Playing Games

Computer Hard Resetting During Games

Computer Game Restart

Computer Keeps Restarting While Playing Halo

Computer Keeps Locking Up When Playing Games

Computer Randomly Crashing/restarting When Playing Games

Computer Reboots On Application Launch

Computer Reboots After Games

Computer Randomly Shuts Down.usually While Playing Games

Computer Restarts After Half An Hour Of Playing?

Computer Randomly Shuts Down/freezes After Playing Games

Computer Rebooting After I Start A Game

Computer Reboots While Playing Games

Computer Reboots When Attempting To Play Games

Computer Restarting When I Start A Game

Computer Randomly Resetting Play Certain Games.

Computer Restrs While Playin Some Games

Computer Reboots When Playing Games

Computer Restarts While Loading Game

Computer Recently Started Locking Up In Games

Computer Restarts When Running Game Programs.

Computer Shuts Down While Gaming

Computer Shuts Down While In Game

Computer Shutdown Durring Game. This Is Getting Old.

Computer Shutting Down When Playing Games.

Computer Shuts Down Randomly During Gameplay.

Computer Shutting Off While Gaming

Computer Shuts Down While Playing Games

Computer Shuts Down And Restarts When Ever I Play A Game?

Computer Shuts Down Playing Games

Computer Shuts Off Completely During Games?

Computer Shuts Off While Playing Games

Computer Shuts Off During Games.

Computer Shuts Down When Playing Games

Computer Turns Off While Gaming

Computer Shuts Down When Running Games.

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